Viking I

In 1981, Viking Paper Corporation was founded by Tony Mooter in Toledo, Ohio. He spent months at the VI facility building the football length corrugator. He poured his heart, soul, and unsurpassed knowledge into all the technology involved in making high quality corrugated board. VI maintains outstanding relations with roll stock suppliers which guarantees exceptional pricing without compromising any quality.

Viking II

As supply and demand grew, Tony Mooter established Viking II in 1993 in Plymouth, Indiana. VII is equipped to run single wall, double wall, and triple wall in a variety of flute heights as well as government grade board. These can be run in every grade of ECT (Edge Crush Test) and Mullen (resistance to puncture) specifications. We are here to support all of your packaging needs to ensure that you are a better supplier to your customers.

Viking Paper Corporation

At Viking Paper Corporation we are proud of our innovation and unsurpassed technology in corrugated manufacturing. We are family owned and operated with very little employee turn-over. Most employees have over 15 years of service in our plants. Justin Mooter, the son of founder Tony Mooter, is leading the most dedicated team in the business. Our experience and commitment to success enables us to perform at world class levels, which create endless opportunities for our customers. We welcome your orders, big or small. We will do what it takes to make your packaging efforts a success.


VPC Fanfold

Single Waall

Double Wall