Our History

The PackPro companies have over 70 year of Design & Manufacturing expertise. Under the leadership of Tony Mooter, sons Justin and Anton, and daughter Sheyanne, our companies are thriving with new innovation to best serve all of your packaging requirements.


Founded in 1997, the most recent of the PackPros companies, Kodiak LLC is ran by Tony Mooter’s daughter Sheyanne. Kodiak LLC is a customer oriented, full service packaging company that can upgrade your marketing efforts by upgrading your packaging or creating new. We specialize in litho labeled containers, 100% PMS printing coverage and purchasing displays. We are experienced in packaging solutions for your company and are well known for our high output and efficiency.


In 1982, Royal Container Corporation (RCC) was founded by Tony Mooter. Being family owned and operated, we take immense pride in our innovation and quality of our corrugated products. RCC specializes in large box production. Our largest machine, the 189” Langston can die-cut, score and print extremely large one piece boxes. Along with our 50” Flexo Folder Gluer, 66” Die Cutter and 60” Hooper, we are able to service all of your packaging needs. Another thing that sets Royal apart from the competition, is our sales force. We offer over 100 years combined experience in design, production, engineering and administration in the corrugated industry. We utilize our own corrugators and fleet of trucks to provide you with the highest quality products from start to finish with our ISO 9001 certification.


Founded in 1943, Shipping Container Corporation (SCC) is the first of all the family owned PackPros companies. SCC specializes in interior packaging such as set-up packs, partitions, pads and inserts. With our CAD engineering capabilities and experience, we can help your company improve upon all business operations, reduce shipping damage and lower cost. We have over 70 years experience in helping our customers protect and move products over long distances.

Universal Container Corporation (UCC) is a complete packaging service provider. Our family owned company has a lifetime of experience and the technology to deliver solutions for all packaging needs. Founded in 1975, UCC has developed a company that produces all that is expected from a high quality corrugated packaging facility. Let the professionals at UCC take all of the guess work out of the packaging and shipping world. We are committed to you, the customer, and will continue to raise the standards of excellence.


In 1981, Viking Paper Corporation was founded by Tony Mooter in Toledo, Ohio. He spent months at the VI facility building the football length corrugator. He poured his heart, soul, and unsurpassed knowledge into all the technology involved in making high quality corrugated board. VI maintains outstanding relations with roll stock suppliers which guarantees exceptional pricing without compromising any quality.


As supply and demand grew, Tony Mooter established Viking II in 1993 in Plymouth, Indiana. VII is equipped to run single wall, double wall, and triple wall in a variety of flute heights as well as government grade board. These can be run in every grade of ECT (Edge Crush Test) and Mullen (resistance to puncture) specifications. We are here to support all of your packaging needs to ensure that you are a better supplier to your customers.